Tuesday, December 23, 2008

ok one more

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Saturday, December 20, 2008

office space

I went to lunch with an old colleague the other day. Oh, just saying the word makes me giddy...Colleague.
See, I have been out of the workforce for about 11 months now and it already seems like a lifetime. It was one of those nice long leisurely lunches I remember - focusing on the conversation and food. Ahhh...
We actually talked business, the reason I was invited. After a few moments of getting the tune of the day (ring around the rosy or something like that) out of my head - I was back. I had the lingo, the ideas flowing, the perspectives on unruly employees. It felt so good.
I do miss working. I am jealous when my old co-workers can't meet as they are in Miami at a conference, working late together to meet a deadline, having drinks after a long day. There are days when I dream of being in charge of something other than a nap schedule, a puddle of spit-up, teething remedies.
But then, I think about my babies faces when they bang the drum in music class, their smiles when I go get them after a nap, the sweet way they explore my face when I feed them a bottle.

No way, I am not going to touch the working mom/stay at home mom debate with a 10-foot pole. What I will say is this: When I was struggling with my decision 11 months ago, a very smart person told me you have to make your choice on what suits your family. And, I agree, every family is different.
For our particular situation (infertility, twins, bed rest, preemies, nicu) I did consider going back to work but when I started interviewing nannies all I could think was - so this is the person that is going to spend the day with my babies. This lady will be having all the fun, see them smile and laugh and know that this cry means gas and not hunger. It was an easy decision after that.

So for now I will take the long lunch and savor it. Maybe use some spare moments and brainstorm new ideas I have for down the road. I'll sit and watch them learn to climb up the new slide and clap their hands at the top. I'll wipe up the spit-up puddle, the snotty noes. And, stay in my pajamas until... hmm I won't say.

Monday, December 15, 2008

merry merry

The holiday picture attempt in which Hudson discovers snow and decides he is not a fan.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

shake it

I find myself singing a lot lately - interesting, classic numbers like "Open Shut Them", "Patty Cake", "If You're Happy and You Know It".
In the last week the babies have started "dancing". You can't really call it dancing since they don't walk but when they hear a good song they like to shake their booties right where they are.

Here is a good one of Hudson - I will try and get more of Miss L tomorrow...

Monday, December 8, 2008


How to delicately approach the sensitive topic of the holidays? I am going to give it a shot.

Growing up in the New York area, I felt surrounded by people who celebrated every holiday - from Christmas to Hanukkah to one lone person in my elementary class celebrating Kwanzaa. We were brought up Jewish and belonged to a reform temple in the area. We spent a lot of time with this community and I have very fond and distinct memories singing with the cantor at temple Friday nights, Hebrew school, the high holidays.

During the winter holidays however, being part of a interfaith family, we celebrated both Christmas and Hanukkah. I would tell everyone this was the best of both worlds - heck the more presents the better. But inside I was pretty confused - why was Santa coming to our house when he knew we were Jewish? Was this making me less Jewish? My other Jewish friends certainly didn't have a Christmas tree in their house.

So, here I am with kids facing my first attempt at the winter holidays. I have to preface this with a small truth that every year I turn into a bit of a grinch. I want to have sugar plum fairies dancing in my head but constantly feel myself getting annoyed with the population's assumption that everyone celebrates Christmas. And, I can't help but think it's somewhat regional. There simply aren't as many Jews out here in Colorado.
Am I "sooooo excited for Christmas this year?" the checkout lady asks. Ummm, No. Am I humming along to "It's Beginning to Look a lot like Christmas" for the 50th time? Not exactly. I guess what I want is for people to imagine a world where not everyone celebrates Christmas - there are others out there.

We have decided to raise our little ones Jewish - so in our home we are celebrating Hanukkah. With Damon's family we will celebrate Christmas. With mine, Hanukkah.

My goal this season is not to become the grinch for the sake of my kids - in a couple years they will look around with excitement and wonder in their eyes and certainly ask if Santa is coming down our chimney. I will need to have a good answer for them.

My hope is they don't feel my holiday confusion and resentment. I want them to know this time of year is for (the overly cliched) holiday spirit of family, friends, being kind to others. Of giving, and being thankful and getting together. Oh yeah, and also a "Happy Hannukah!" when the checkout lady wishes us yet another Merry Christmas.

Here is today's attempt....

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

How they're...


Layla finds most things funny, but you can make Hudson laugh and laugh.
Hudson loves his bottle and his blanket, Layla is ok to do without.
Layla loves all kinds of foods - she eats whatever we put on her tray, Hudson is a bit more picky and it takes him a few tries to get used to. Pineapple is still too much for him.
Hudson resists sleep but then quickly passes out, Layla winds herself down in her crib softly chatting and then falls asleep - and stays asleep for longer.
Layla loves a good snuggle, can sit in your arms and just look at a toy, her hands or mine, Hudson is go-go-go and his nick-name should really be Tigger.
Layla notices detail and is in love with her Daddy (mommy too but you should see her face when daddy walks in the room), Hudson plows through everything and I like to think is a mama's boy.

The same*:
They both love Baby Einstein - they literally freeze in their places to stare at the TV when it comes on. (doesn't every kid?)
They are both so goofy - they interact with each other and make the other one laugh many times during the day.
They both love exploring around the house together - finding new things (rolls of paper towels) to play with.
They both hate diaper changes, getting clothes on, and the cold moments after a warm bath.

*Today only -the way they change so fast I can't be responsible if all this changes by tomorrow...

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


HB is a bit of a bruiser - he steam rolls over his sister if she is in his way, steals her toys and her bottle. She is learning to stand up for herself though.

turkey day

Eating, cooking, talking, drinking -just about sums it up. Did I say eating?