Friday, April 25, 2008

grossly normal

We are so relieved that Layla's MRI came back normal. The worst part was passing her to the nurse and kissing her goodbye. We were so scared. But, they took great care of her. When we came back in she was still asleep wrapped in warm blankets (and in her tiny hospital gown) with a hot pack underneath her. She looked so peaceful.
It was a rough night though of her being off her schedule - she ate about every 2- 2 1/2 hrs.
Plus, they expected a grown human to sleep on the tiny twin sized pullout in the room. We defied their odds and D and I both smushed into the bed until I decided to sleep in the chair with little Layla.

Hudson had quite an adventure with Grandma Suzie. I hear he got the oil changed, played with his cousins, napped on the spiderman couch and finished off his night with sushi with the girls. He's soon going to realize how boring his days are just drinking milk with me.

In other news, the babies are smiling more and more at us. It's so exciting to actually see them reacting to us and their surr0undings. Every day they are cuter.

Buddha baby

She wants to smile!

Snuggled in for the morning...

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