Friday, February 6, 2009


I created a new word today.

Twintrovert [Twin-trovert] - noun
Someone who is compelled to become outgoing and gregarious because of twins. Easily excited because there are not one, but two babies -at once - and they are related!

I'm driving home from Boulder today after a nice lunch with a friend. The babies relaxing in the back some milk. Sun is out, music playing. I am sitting at a double left red light and I glance to my car directly next to me.
A guy with his golden retriever riding shotgun.
He signals me to roll down my window. I'm thinking, "ahhh directions, I can handle that"

"Are those twins?" he yells out his window to me.

"Yeah, yup they are"

"I have twins too. They are nine though so we've been though it all."

"Oh, that's so great. So much fun, huh."

"Oh yes they are the best. I just can't believe how fast it goes by really." he lingers.

"Well, I've got to go, the light is now green. Bye."

I find this funny and ironic, not annoying. Never before have I made a friend at a red light until now. Babies bring out a smile in strangers but twins, twins has them encouraging you to roll down your window and share twinspirational stories. I am adapting, becoming a true twintrovert.

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