Tuesday, April 7, 2009

who needs toys...

when you have a cabinet playhouse. A daily activity - go in, shut the door, open the door to peek, bang around, make a mess, squish your sister's fingers, shut your brother in the door, crawl out, crawl in, repeat. An hour gone by.
Good times are had by all.


Jenny said...

What is it about kids and small spaces? We kept the boxes from our carseats for much longer than we should have because the boys liked to crawl in them so much.

Looks awfully cozy in that cabinet!

Auntie Niki said...

In one of the picts Hudson is either giving a "Loser" sign or he is mimicking you taking a picture; I think it is the second one; oh how cute. Thank you for making Auntie Niki and Uncle Corey laugh a little!