Wednesday, December 16, 2009

the twos

When you say to me "isn't this such a fun age?" do you mean - for you to watch?
A typical scene for us:
One little monkey is being dragged by its arm through the parking lot screaming and the other being carried under my other arm as she wiggles and shouts "no no no". And that is braving life sans stroller.

Or another:
One tiny stubborn lady laying flat on the ground "hiding" because she doesn't want her coat, the other running ahead to push the buttons of the handicapped door and head out into traffic on his own. Bye Bye mama!

I wonder, is this what you mean by the fun part?

It's the latest comment I get seemingly over and over again - "this is such a fun age, isn't it?" Ha!

Truthfully it really is fun to hear their new words and see them interact with people, situations around them. But still every day a new challenge and I see us heading straight ahead for the terrible twos, times two = four! yikes!

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