Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Yesterday as I am putting the babies in the car another mom pulls up and yells out her window, "You deserve a medal"
Me: "oh...thanks"
Other mom: "no really it's a thankless job and you deserve thanks"
Me: "I appreciate that" (now please drive away)

Having twins has really cracked the world wide open. It's as if a sign on our stroller reads - Please comment on my situation.
(Are they twins, I am a twin, I want twins, do you ever sleep, boy your hands are full, how did you make it out of the house, is one evil, and the list goes on)

Don't get me wrong I am not complaining - it's just that it happens when we are out and about. All. Day. Long.

After being stunned with the realization we are responsible for these two - really responsible - the world suddenly became a scary, I-am-never-leaving-my-kids-out-of-my-sight kind of place. But, it also became a beautiful, friendlier, more gentle place where people smile so big at your babies hoping they smile back.

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