Wednesday, October 29, 2008


We had a tire swing growing up. It was down a steep trail behind our house. There was a little playhouse cabin there too where my cousin Lori and I used to hide our treasures (I will save that for a different post).
The tire swing seemed like a good idea and I remember spending an awful lot of time down there - but unfortunately for us physics was not on our side. After a big push the tire would swing back and forth a couple times but eventually would circle back - right towards the trunk - slamming us against it. I distinctly remember putting my feet out - an effort to avoid a collision but it would only violently cause us to spin out of control. Oh those were the days.

Anyway, I installed a swing in our kitchen/hallway and the babies love it. It reminded me of those days - except that I try not to let the babies hit any walls or trees.

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Jenny said...

Excellent parenting technique! NOT letting the kids swing into the trunks . . . I will have to remember that one.

Makes me want to go hop on a tire swing . . .