Saturday, November 1, 2008

the monkeys

What can I say about Halloween?
It was chaos mixed with fun mixed with sugar-laden monsters (AND darth vader, rainbow care bear, mini mouse, luke skywalker, elmo, a fairy princess, elvira, a turtle, the monkeys, and of course buzz lightyear) We were running, literally running from house to house to keep up with the crew.
Even when Darth (he lets me call him that) crashed and burned down some stairs, he cried while sprinting to the next house. There is just no time for tears when free snickers are being passed out! I hear there is enough candy to last for maybe a few months days a day.
To infinity and beyond for sure.


Auntie Niki said...

Oh how cute! I have never seen such happiness in your face Ams, that is the most precious picture. How cool they got to get dressed up twice, I love the monkey suits; we need to find one for Grandpa Dag; AKA: Napoleon!

Please tell me that Damon was not the "Darth" you were talking about. LOL! You have to be in my head to see the picture, it is way too funny!
Love you guys!

Amy D said...

too funny! No, darth is max - who is mr. sweet tooth himself. He filled up his pumpkin with candy in like 20 min. Someone has a group shot I will post soon! love ya!

Kristy Freeman said...

Those kids are so cute! Glad to hear you had a good Halloween. Miss you!