Wednesday, November 26, 2008

thank full

Last year right at this time I was put on modified bed rest due to my contractions and pre-term labor at 25 weeks. We cancelled our annual feast with 20-something people and my in-laws, sis & bro in-law lovingly brought over a beautiful meal for us.
It was a quiet day - not the usual craziness.
We were scared. No, make that terrified, that I would go into full labor and have 25 week old babies or an unthinkable worse situation.
I can't help but look back and think - what was the universe trying to tell us? Not only did we have to wait over two years to get pregnant but to top it off early labor, bed rest, fear of losing it all. I'll stop there and save my lamenting about this topic for another post.

This post is about being thankful. Thankful because without our struggle I am just not sure we would have this much gratitude to have these two little ones in our lives. No, thankful doesn't even cover it.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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