Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Mr. Puma

A few days ago I found out one of my teachers from high school passed away. He found out he had stomach cancer in April and passed away September 13th of this year.

Before having kids, I should have suspected there would be this constant reminder of my own vitality. Although none of the parenting books, friends/family advice or intuition prepared me to this alarming detail. It's too overwhelming to process for very long. It's always the same thought: "but they need ME".

I am in the process of writing his wife a note to express how sorry I am. I want her to know he was such an amazing teacher and he will be missed. I want her to know when I heard this heartbreaking news - thinking about my teacher having six months to say goodbye to his family and praying his young kids will be okay without him - I hugged my kids a little tighter, played with them a little longer.

Because we only have this moment.
then this one.
then this one.

This post is dedicated to Mr. Puma - he was my teacher and he was my friend.


Nik said...

My deepest sympathies. Your thoughts are so true, so beautiful...

Anonymous said...

as a teacher--and a person--this post made me teary.