Wednesday, December 3, 2008

How they're...


Layla finds most things funny, but you can make Hudson laugh and laugh.
Hudson loves his bottle and his blanket, Layla is ok to do without.
Layla loves all kinds of foods - she eats whatever we put on her tray, Hudson is a bit more picky and it takes him a few tries to get used to. Pineapple is still too much for him.
Hudson resists sleep but then quickly passes out, Layla winds herself down in her crib softly chatting and then falls asleep - and stays asleep for longer.
Layla loves a good snuggle, can sit in your arms and just look at a toy, her hands or mine, Hudson is go-go-go and his nick-name should really be Tigger.
Layla notices detail and is in love with her Daddy (mommy too but you should see her face when daddy walks in the room), Hudson plows through everything and I like to think is a mama's boy.

The same*:
They both love Baby Einstein - they literally freeze in their places to stare at the TV when it comes on. (doesn't every kid?)
They are both so goofy - they interact with each other and make the other one laugh many times during the day.
They both love exploring around the house together - finding new things (rolls of paper towels) to play with.
They both hate diaper changes, getting clothes on, and the cold moments after a warm bath.

*Today only -the way they change so fast I can't be responsible if all this changes by tomorrow...

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Lori said...

How they're the same: Both unspeakably cute.