Saturday, December 20, 2008

office space

I went to lunch with an old colleague the other day. Oh, just saying the word makes me giddy...Colleague.
See, I have been out of the workforce for about 11 months now and it already seems like a lifetime. It was one of those nice long leisurely lunches I remember - focusing on the conversation and food. Ahhh...
We actually talked business, the reason I was invited. After a few moments of getting the tune of the day (ring around the rosy or something like that) out of my head - I was back. I had the lingo, the ideas flowing, the perspectives on unruly employees. It felt so good.
I do miss working. I am jealous when my old co-workers can't meet as they are in Miami at a conference, working late together to meet a deadline, having drinks after a long day. There are days when I dream of being in charge of something other than a nap schedule, a puddle of spit-up, teething remedies.
But then, I think about my babies faces when they bang the drum in music class, their smiles when I go get them after a nap, the sweet way they explore my face when I feed them a bottle.

No way, I am not going to touch the working mom/stay at home mom debate with a 10-foot pole. What I will say is this: When I was struggling with my decision 11 months ago, a very smart person told me you have to make your choice on what suits your family. And, I agree, every family is different.
For our particular situation (infertility, twins, bed rest, preemies, nicu) I did consider going back to work but when I started interviewing nannies all I could think was - so this is the person that is going to spend the day with my babies. This lady will be having all the fun, see them smile and laugh and know that this cry means gas and not hunger. It was an easy decision after that.

So for now I will take the long lunch and savor it. Maybe use some spare moments and brainstorm new ideas I have for down the road. I'll sit and watch them learn to climb up the new slide and clap their hands at the top. I'll wipe up the spit-up puddle, the snotty noes. And, stay in my pajamas until... hmm I won't say.

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Anonymous said...

Savor and enjoy every moment. It will be over before you know it!